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GFC Partner Surrogacy Agencies




GFC partners with surrogacy agencies that provide personalized client care at strategic locations in surrogacy friendly states in the United States with qualified surrogates and proven egg donors. 

GFC provides:

  • 24-hour access to Global Fertility Connections team

  • Easily accessible global services 

  • Industry expertise and in-depth knowledge of surrogacy laws and regulations

Couple with Child

Requirements of our Partner Surrogacy Agencies

Ethical business practices

Minimum of 3 years in operation

Meets their advertised match wait time commitment

Personalized patient care

Clear and fair refund & rematch policy

Surrogacy Agency Services

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Our Partner Surrogacy Agencies offer:

  • Quality gestational carriers (surrogates) and guidance for Intended Parents during the surrogacy process.

  • Comprehensive medical and psychological screening of potential Gestational Carrier candidates

  • On-going support for Gestational Carriers throughout and after the surrogacy process

  • Thorough examination of insurance policies by insurance experts

  • Egg donors with a diverse set of phenotypes

  • Reputable attorneys, escrow companies and mental health practitioners

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