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The Fertility Journey Can Be Hard.

We help simplify it.

Global Fertility Connections (GFC) is a fertility concierge company that provides Fertility Coaching, Surrogacy & Egg Donation Coordination, IVF Clinic & Surrogacy Agency Selection and Cryoshipping Services.

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We Know The Fertility Journey Can Be Messy.

We've Been Through It Ourselves.

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About The Founder

 The fertility journey is not always a straight path.

It can be overwhelming, stressful and even discouraging at times. 


Founder, Ama Gordon faced these fertility challenges and this is what inspired Global Fertility Connections to help build families around the globe. 

She is passionate about helping others after a 10-year infertility journey of her own filled with many doctors, specialists, and procedures including fibroid removals, tubal canulation, IUI's, egg freezing cycles and IVF.

"When it comes to building a family, it's not if, it's how!"

Ama Gordon,

Founder & CEO

About Us
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Client Service Locations
  • Europe
  • United States
  • Australia & New Zealand

About Global Fertility Connections

Global Fertility Connections (GFC) is proud to help all who wish to build families from all walks of life and geographic locations.


GFC Consultants provide hand-held guidance for IVF, Surrogacy 

and Egg Donation services for heterosexual couples, single 

and LGBTQ Intended Parents. 

Trust, Transparency, Personalized  Care


Contact Us

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Phone: +1-855-792-0290

Address: 1178 Broadway 3rd Flr #1156 New York, NY 10001  

Thank you for contacting us!

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What Our Clients Say

Stressed Woman


My first egg retrieval was traumatic so I found Global Fertility Connections and used them for my second egg retrieval. It was night and day! They were there every step of the way.


I couldn't have found my egg donor without them. It's been a long road and I'm so happy I found Ama to advocate for me.

Kurt and Yvonne

We were lost starting the surrogacy journey. But, Global Fertility Connections made everything feel simple and safe.

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